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Lately I’ve been reminded of the first time I went on tour with the motel life. It was only 4 of us that were able to make the trip to play the shows that only took place over 4 days. We went from Mesa Arizona, Las Cruses New Mexico,Tucson Arizona, and San Diego California. It was quite the learning and humbling experience. We were just starting and generating a small following online and at home and set up a few stream of out of state shows with our friends, The Ready Aim Fire. It was Just the four of us in the van and that very first night. You could t touch us. We were on cloud 9 with the whole world ahead of us. I don’t remember if we expected packed venues where ever we went or empty ones. But we were determined. I never saw the determination, drive, and optimism I saw us, in previous bands I’ve been in. Not a many people came out to the shows but for the average of about 4 per venue we gave them everything we had. With Dave Trautz filling in on bass for us. We got out set list down to T and setting up our equipment to play became an almost carefully choreographed Waltz. Back then, before we developed our sound that makes us The Motel Life, we got references to the Brand New after almost every show. Which was a blessing sometimes but became a curse after a while. I remember we drove for an hour after the show to sleep at a girl’s house who was somehow connected to Our hometown and our Drummer. I was so excited and I couldn’t sleep that first night. I stayed up literally counting down to the moment I was going to wake up the band so we could start our drive to the next venue. Once we were on the road I put on Coldplay’s “Parachutes” it was cold morning and the majestic desert rocks with that sort of cliché image you get of the desert on postcard or out of the box computer wallpaper. I remember how awesomely perfect the moment was and before I could say anything Judcody acknowledges how awesome the moment is. I always go back to this moment when we go on all our tours. We were on a mission and getting our music out there. We were living our dream and no one could take hat away from us. While the tour wasn’t a finical success. It was our first one. So just going on tour was a success for us. Every tour after has been exponentially better. While people who are in band, merch people, and the people who come into the motel life circle change, we still stayed determined and driven. Not about being famous and making a lot of money. But making music we love to play and playing and recording music and offering it to those who are willing to listen. Form a band, demo some songs, go on tour. You’ll have the best time of your life.

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